Reducing the Weirdness Factor

Due to the impact already felt as the Earth Plane transition has been unfolding, this next phase will be very challenging to many Humans!

Until now, the Transition changes for most Humans has been at a distance, viewed through the media, not directly affecting their individual daily lives.  This new change may well affect individuals they know or know of, or even their immediate circle of friends.

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to play the role you agreed to as a Luman-Hybrid…an individual with more Luman Soul DNA than Human Soul DNA. A role all of you agreed to, in addition to your more unique roles, is that of reducing the affect on the Human and Human-Hybrid population caused by the Luman Walk-Ins.

You, as your Hybrid self, have the opportunity to assist the Human and Human-Hybrid souls to cope with this next step. 

How, you might ask?

The answer is more or less simple, depending upon your own ability to flex into the transition and ride the wave of change. 

The answer is:

  • To clearly and even visibly indicate that you see no change in the individual;
  • To explain that you have experienced the individual and their ‘behavior (whatever is causing the concern) before’, indicating that it is simply another aspect of the individual they have not experienced;
  • To hide any emotions you may be feeling (shock/elation/questioning);
  • And to embrace the new Luman Walk-In as the Human individual they have been in your life on Earth.

Assisting Humans and Human-Hybrids in becoming more resilient to these changes is a very important Hybrid responsibility during this next step in the transition…the step that many will call ‘The Weirdness!

The Weirdness is a time of great possibility…depending upon how you, a Luman-Hybrid, embrace and support it.  We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to accept the Weirdness as a next phase in this most powerful transition and embrace the excitement of knowing the Earth Plane is a step closer to the long-promised transition.

Accept – Embrace – Transition…So Simple!

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