Elevating the Energy of Humans

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to discuss another aspect of the transition you, a Hybrid, whether Human-Hybrid or Luman-Hybrid, can affect quite naturally…the energy frequency of Humans.

As We shared many years ago through another Hybrid, there is a wide range of frequency found on the Earth Plane, a range that goes from an approximate frequency of 100 to a high of 800+.  At present the average frequency on the Earth Plane is around 200 to 210.  This is a bit lower than is necessary for the transition to continue smoothly.

At present there are a number of souls who, for many good reasons, have decided this time of transition is simply too difficult.  They will be leaving the Earth Plane. Their departure will create a small rise in the Earth Plane frequency.

There are a number who are striving to lower the frequency through the efforts of fear, hatred, and the threat or action of war!  These individuals even you, as a Hybrid, will most likely not be able to impact.

And there is the vast majority of Humans who are looking for someone to reassure them of the positive.  These are the Humans We are asking you to impact!

  • You most easily impact these individuals through your calm, caring, positive demeanor. 
  • You, the Hybrid, are able to maintain these via a specific application of Thought Forms.

In short, by your calm, caring, positive demeanor in the World (the Earth Plane), Humans will flock to you as they are desiring to reduce their confusion and fear.

This is a very simple process with a number of complex applications.  This is the world of the Hybrid – the Simple and Complex in a dance of Luman DNA!

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