The Dance of Luman DNA – The Weave of Frequency

We have not mentioned before the intricacies of Luman Soul DNA.  Where the Human Soul DNA is more linear, the Luman Soul DNA is intricately woven with what would appear to be conflicting perspectives.  In fact, the weave allows for a broader and more complex understanding of the whole…The All.

An element of this weave is called ‘frequency’.  It was not until recently that We, the Mountains of the World, realized there were souls on the Earth Plane who were openly discussing the elegance of the weave of frequency. You would refer to this as quantum physics!

Frequency is woven so a higher frequency has greater impact than a lower frequency…so it takes only a few at a higher frequency to counterbalance many at a lower frequency. 

It is this aspect of the frequency weave that allows the Universe to be assured of the Earth Plane’s transition with only five percent (5%) of the earth population being Luman.  It takes only a few Lumans at a high frequency (typically around 500) to offset millions at a lower frequency (say around 150 – 200). 

As a Hybrid, depending upon your quotient of Luman Soul DNA and the acceptance of your Hybrid self, you too can greatly impact the overall frequency of the Earth Plane!

Due to the Weave of Frequency, the frequency of the Earth Plane will be increased significantly by a very small percentage of Lumans and a larger percentage of Hybrids operating at their own Soul DNA frequency.

Think about it…if the powers who are not aligned to the transition did not know this would they be spewing so much hate and fear?  If this was not true, would there not be a greater percentage of Lumans and Hybrids needed to assure the Earth Plane’s transition?

We ask you to integrate this knowing…the knowing of the Weave of Frequency…into your human consciousness and engage it as you are guided.

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