Hybrid Use of Thought Forms

Your question at this time…and We hear you loud and clear…is how do you, as a Hybrid, maintain and even increase your frequency?

And the answer, as it seems to consistently be in the world of Hybrids is simple and complex…via Thought Forms.

Thought Forms are the manner in which you think about, consider, engage, and interact with a possibility…especially and Earth possibility.

The vast majority of Humans engage in negative, highly victimized thought forms.  In fact, We, the Mountains of the World, have been saddened by the increased occurrence of these low energy thought forms.

Your Human aspect is very well versed in the use of low energy thought forms – drama, negativity, victimhood… you name it.  It appears to Us that many Humans will go to great lengths to maintain low energy even if it is not serving their Soul-self!

Your Hybrid self intuitively knows how to achieve and maintain a higher frequency through thought forms.  In fact, as many of you are awakening, you may notice you are finding it difficult to engage the types of thought forms intended to maintain low frequency.

This is a wonderful sign…it tells Us you are living as the Hybrid you intended.


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