The Tool of High Frequency Thought Forms

It makes sense, at least to Us, the Mountains of the World, that is thought forms can produce low energy or frequency, they can also produce high energy or frequency.  And this is decidedly true…at least in our experience. 

You may not be aware, We Mountains function at very high frequencies and due to this fact, we have amazing experiences!  You, the Hybrid, are also able to function at high frequencies and have amazing experiences. 

Let Us assist you by explaining a critical next tool…the Tool of High Frequency Thought Forms.

Thought Forms intended to produce higher frequencies…

  • Focus on positive outcomes;
  • Are based on a Knowing that all is well in the Universe (despite outward appearances);
  • Celebrate the outcome as if it had already occurred (which it has):
  • Acknowledge interim steps to the outcome that can be observed in the physical;
  • Create calm and peacefulness in the individual with the Thought Form…and in those around the individual (Hybrid) thinking the Thought Form;
  • Always end with ‘In the Highest and Best for the All!’

Practice this type of Thought Form…leaving behind the lower level energy thought forms that your Human self has practiced for many years.  The shift can be easy and swift.  You will note the difference in your state of mind and feel the difference in your personal frequency.

And, those around you will notice it too.

Be the Hybrid you intended yourself to be. 

Use the Tool of High Frequency Thought Forms to assist you in your being!

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