Thought Forms – A Hybrid’s Most Powerful Tool

OK! Now, We, the Mountains of the World, are getting just a bit frustrated.

We ask…why do you, the Hybrids of the Earth plane, not understand the impact of your thoughts – of any thought forms?

Thought forms are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal and yet you treat them without thought as to their impact!

Is it because:

  • You can’t follow the effect of your thought as you can the effect of washing a dish or shoveling snow?
  • You won’t take accountability for your lack of awareness of your thoughts…much less focus on your thoughts?
  • You fail to see value in something as simple yet complex as a Thought Form…rather actions only have value in your ‘thinking’ if they are ‘hard’?
  • Or are you really not understanding that Thought Forms are the most powerful manner in which you can easily, naturally and effectively change the world you are living in?

We are here, now, at this time to make it very clear…

Thought Forms are Your Most Powerful Tool!

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