Thought Forms, Frequency and Power!

Your thought forms is…How are thought forms powerful?

We, the Mountains of the World, respond:

All thought forms, whether conscious or unconscious, have power!

  • Thought forms keep all beings in the life they have created!
  • Thought forms leek beyond you to impact those around you!
  • Thought forms impact the health of the person thinking them!

This information is true for all conscious beings on the Earth plane.

In addition, the thought forms of Hybrids – whether Human-Hybrid or Luman-Hybrid:

  • Impact the frequency of whatever the thought form is focused upon, both positively (higher) and negatively (lower);
  • Frequency impacts the power available to the focus of the thought form;
  • Frequency is not linear in its impact on power – higher frequency is many times more powerful than lower frequency;
  • Focusing on positive thoughts – which carry higher frequency – is a subtle yet powerful method of bringing about the change you desire!

Therefore, as a Hybrid, your thoughts are imparting power to whatever you are focusing upon with your thought! With your thoughts, you are creating the future for the many in a way Humans do not. 

Your thoughts impact the present and create the future!

Your thoughts…Your thought forms.

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