The Effect of Wandering Thought Forms

The vast majority of you allow your thought forms to wander…typically to the negative.  Living in the negative, in victim mentality, is the norm for the Earth plane at this time.  We, the Mountains of the World, want you to know it is time to shift this paradigm and move to a higher frequency which necessarily implies greater accountability and more positive outcomes.

Your wandering thought forms typically create lower frequency and negativity.  And, just because you don’t understand this, does not mean it is not true!

Allowing your thoughts to wander is life using a powerful tool ‘without thought’!

It is imperative you begin

  • To notice your thoughts…are they high frequency or low?
  • To notice how your thoughts are affecting you and those around you.
  • If the impact is not positive, intentionally redirect your thoughts to the positive.
  • Then notice and celebrate their effect!

Thought Forms are Your Most Powerful Tool!

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