Training Your Thoughts

Excellent! Now We have your attention. Thank you!

You are beginning to understand the power of your thoughts.  This is not something you have been instructed in or understood to the degree We hope you now understand it.

Your next question is ‘How do I train my thoughts…my thinking…while still continuing to live a normal life?

An excellent question for which We, the Mountains of the World, have an excellent answer.

You think to the positive!

You focus on the positive!

You visualize the positive!

…without becoming a Pollyanna!

All the above takes is a focus on what is right, what is beautiful, what is awesome, what is in balance and harmony.

This focus keeps your thoughts positive and therefore the frequency of your thoughts positive. 

And this takes practice as you have been well training in focusing on the negative.  As you begin to shift from negative to positive, simply notice when you are thinking negatively and shift it.

Positive thinking is as much a habit as negative thinking.  Positive thinking has as much impact on positive actions and outcomes as does it’s opposite!

Focus on the positive and your thought forms will necessarily have a higher frequency, become more powerful due to the higher frequency, and therefore have more impact!

Voila!  Positive Thought Forms!

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