The Freedom of Being a Hybrid

We, the Mountains of the World, recognize the sobering aspects of the topics We have introduced, and the responsibility such information brings.

That said, it is also important to delight in the freedom which comes when you awaken to and accept your Hybrid self.

Becoming aware and understanding your ‘Hybridness’ provides you many freedoms. 

  • The freedom from continually trying to conform, to fit in, to be normal;
  • The freedom from victimhood and low frequency – you make your own frequency;
  • The freedom from finding a purpose in life (We have watched many of your struggle with this.) Hybrids have callings – you will naturally gravitate to your calling!
  • The freedom to be who you really are…to accept all of you without question and being embarrassed by your ‘difference’!

We enjoy watching you release the constraints you have put on your influence and power as you begin to accept all of who you are. 

You are free to be the Hybrid you incarnated to be!

Enjoy – In Joy!

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