Lumans on the Earth Plane

We, the Mountains of the World, deem it appropriate at this time to share a bit about Lumans as the time is soon coming when they will be descending upon the Earth plane.

Lumans have several options for joining the Earth plane. 

  • Being born into a Human body
  • Being a Walk In
  • Being a Fly In
  • Making an Appearance

Let Us now speak to the first two types of Lumans.

Being born into a Human body option is only for the most powerful and patient of Lumans, is to arrive in the ‘human way’.  That is, to be born into a human family and to be raised as human.  This is only for the most powerful and patient (it takes both attributes) as it is a very slow way to make impact.  Typically, Lumans, those with the Soul DNA of the angelic, extraterrestrial, light being essence, are about having impact and making change.  This is a very slow process to do such.  In human terms, these ‘individuals’ may seem very impatient.  From the Luman perspective, they are incredibly patient.

The ‘Walk In’ option is for those Luman who will stay for the duration of that earth bodies term on the earth plane.  A Walk In Luman is next most patient and is very flexible.  For to be a successful ‘walk in’ they must have done their homework about the human they are following into a particular body.  A walk in has and agreement with he human soul who will be leaving the body.  This agreement was made long before the human soul incarnated in the human way onto the earth plane.  No Luman walk in will take the place of a human soul without the human soul’s agreement – both in the place of spirit and on the place of earth. 

A Walk In must be both patient (needs to slow down for the duration of the human body’s existence which is determined in advance and to flex into the personality as much as is ‘Lumanly’ possible.  Other Lumans will know and awake and aware Hybrids will know the switch has taken place.  Most Humans may sense a difference and will eventually settle into the change.

There are many of the powerful and patient Lumans currently on the Earth plane.  Do you know any?  And the Walk In Lumans are beginning to prepare to join the Earth Plane.  You might want to watch for them!

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