Lumans on the Earth Plane Continued

As We were discussing…there are four major types of Lumans.

The first type – the patient and powerful Lumans are already on and continuing to join the Earth plane.  As a Hybrid, you can be assured you know at least one of them as The Divine/The All has ensured the success of this transition time.  One of the major aspects of success is the support of all Hybrids.

The second type – the Walk Ins are just amassing to begin joining the Earth plane.  This will begin at any time.  As a Hybrid in the know, you may well begin to identify these Luman.

The ‘Fly In Lumans’ have not yet begun to impact the Earth plane.   This is a Luman who will very temporarily share a human body.  The human with whom the body is being shared will not leave the earth plane; rather they will simply share the same body.  As this is very hard on the physical body, these Luman have to ‘come in’, affect the change they are charged to affect; and leave without damage to the human body.  These are very short bursts situations. 

Fly In Lumans are responsible for ‘tipping the scales’ to ensure success.  If one of the transition locations and/or elements is not effectively moving toward transition, these Luman will simply join the Earth plane for a very short time. The impact of their higher frequency and of the influence they will bring to bear on a situation, or a group of people will ‘tip the scales’ toward universal success of the transition. 

These Luman will most often join the soul in the physical body of a significant individual on the Earth plane, someone in a leadership position or in a highly influential position.  This scenario allows for very little preparation time; is in agreement with the soul in the physical body; and may well be seen as the Human making a significant change in position (on a topic or situation). 

Due to this fact, these Luman typically utilize the physical body of a Hybrid as the soul level discussion includes not only the sudden need to allow in the Luman…it also includes the Hybrid continuing the positional shift in thinking!

Finally, there is the Luman who will simply “make an appearance’ on the Earth plane.  These are typically very high-level beings…such at the Archangel level as known by the human world. These occurrences are hopefully very rare and indicate a serious situation…a stage ‘red’ if you will.  Humans have documented this type occurrence in the past as angel messengers in the various belief texts. 

When you, a Hybrid, hear of such an event know that there is very real concern in the heavens!  Know that you need to pay very close attention to the message and take the action you know to take as quickly as possible!

And there you have it…the four types of Luman influences intended for this transition time.

Your task is to be aware and awake and to be assured that all is well scripted with contingency plans in place! 

We, the Mountains of the World, will be assisting as well.

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