How to Recognize a Luman

Now you know the four main forms for a Luman to take during this transition.  Some will be easy to recognize, some more difficult.  We, the Mountains of the World, would like to provide some clues to recognizing Lumans.  Please note – Lumans are intended to not be recognized by the masses.  Therefore, it takes a combination of these attributes or quirks to presume the individual is a Luman.

A Listing of Luman Traits:

  • The majority will be male.  This is due to the fact that currently the Earth is in a ‘male’ cycle and the majority of the leaders are male.  Although, from the perspective of Spirit there is no difference, it was learned during an earlier transition in a ‘male’ time a millennium ago that it makes a difference for the Human population.
  • And, there will be Lumans who appear as female. These females will NOT be of the quiet or subtle type. They will be leaders, often in a ‘smaller’ or less formal manner.
  •  Lumans currently on the Earth plane:
    •  May often talk about or refer to ‘not fitting in’;
    • Perceive the world differently…on a different level of awareness;
    • ‘I’ and ‘winning’ are not a focal point;
    • Often appear belligerent when dealing with or referring to the Cosmic world;
    • Seem to have a desire to ‘see’ more clearly;
    • Although considered patient as a Luman, they appear impatient as a Human;
    • Typically, don’t take themselves seriously;
    • Tend to see the humor in all situations due to their unique perspective;
    • Indicate a ‘knowingness’ without having to prove themselves;
    • Have very low tolerance for victims or victimizers;
    • Honor and integrity is of great value for them;
    • They ‘drive their own bus’ and have little willingness to align to expectations…although they are smart enough to ‘play the game’.

This listing of Luman traits is not extensive nor is one trait an indication of a Luman.  You will know you are interacting with a Luman, most likely a patient Luman, when they display a large number of these traits. 

As a Hybrid, begin to identify other Hybrids and a Luman or two in your physical area.  Knowing your compatriots (other Hybrids) and support systems (Lumans) is going to become very valuable.

We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you, the Hybrid being, begin to approach your daily life as the Hybrid you are!

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