A Hybrid Role – Comforting Humanity

So, you are a Hybrid.  You are a Hybrid on the Earth plane at a time of significant transition. As a Hybrid, you often have little desire to interface with Humans, especially those souls who have not yet achieved a significant level of soul evolution.

As a Hybrid, you may (most likely will) find yourself desiring to connect more to the Luman aspect of yourself and of other Lumans than to deal with the Human factor currently impacting the world.

This desire may manifest as impatience; anger; frustration; or simply a desire to disconnect.

We, the Mountains of the World, encourage you to honor your feelings (for sure) and then to realize the decision you made, as a soul, to be on the Earth plane at this time of transition.  If the transition could be achieved without you on the Earth plane it would have been designed in that manner.

It cannot!

  • You, the Hybrid you, are intended to be engaged with the Humans on the Earth plane.
  • You chose to assist those Humans who are intended to be a part of the transition. 
  • You chose to deal with their fears and concerns without getting caught up in the lower frequency energy.
  • You chose!  It is not in any best interest to renegotiate this choosing at this time! From what We understand, any request to renegotiate will not be ‘heard’.

With this remembering in mind, your primary Hybrid roll is to remain optimistic in the face of what appears to be disaster, trusting The Universe/The Divine.  This is your first and primary role. 

For each of the elements of the Human community (as We will call it) there are different responses to make.  This will be Our topic for the next few communications.

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