Supporting Humans Who are Intended to Remain

We, the Mountains of the World, have inferred in previous communications the fact that there are a great number of souls on the Earth plane at this time.  This is due to the fact that many ‘young souls’ (those who have spent few soul evolution iterations on any planet or location) have been granted the opportunity of experiencing the beginning of The Shift.

Compare this to a Human protocol of allowing young children to experience the first part of a late-night party or event and then sending them to bed before the party gets into full swing.

Well, this ‘party’, if you want to call it such, is about to get into full swing!  The ‘young souls’ who were granted the opportunity to experience the beginning will now be leaving the Earth plane.  From the Human perspective, this ‘leaving’ will be perceived/written about/discussed/ and integrated as a horrible loss of Human life. 

In fact, it is simply a soul returning to Soul Space before the ‘party’ gets into full swing.

This will leave you, the Hybrid You, with only those older souls to support.  And, within this smaller group of souls, there are sub-groups as well.

We will next discuss the sub-groups.

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