Remaining Sub-Groups of Humans

The majority of the young souls have left the Earth plane…and Gaia, the Soul of Mother Earth, heaves a sigh of relief!

The Earth plane is now left with Lumans (Illuminated Beings); Hybrids (You); and Humans.

Within the Human group, there are sub-groups, each with their own experiencing planned and each with their own relationship scenarios to the Hybrids on the Earth plane.

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to note them and then discuss them in more depth in further communications.

Sub-groups of Humans:

  • Spiritual Humans;
  • Grounded Humans;
  • Awake Humans who are in neither of the above groups;
  • Humans who fit none of the above sub-groups and are none-the-less intended to be on the Earth plane AND have a significant role to play;
  • And, finally, those Humans whom Hybrids cannot Impact!

Each of you as Hybrids, have an alignment with a specific sub-group.  As We discuss them, you may well feel yourself being drawn to a group or groups.  The sub-group you feel drawn to is most likely the sub-group you are intended to support.

Not all souls in any of the sub-groups are identical; each comes with its own experiencing intention at this time of transition; and each is awake and aware to various levels at various times.

If this were simple…this transition would have occurred long, long ago.

It is not Simple…Neither are You!!!

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