Supporting Spiritually Minded Humans

As a Hybrid, you have several options when thinking of how you might relate to the various subgroups of Humans.  The first group We, the Mountains of the World, would like to address in depth is the group We have labeled this the Spiritually Minded Humans group.

First and foremost, this is not a large group.  This is NOT the group of individuals running around with pyramids on their heads and carrying replicas of crystal skulls.  This is the group that quietly and without fanfare practices alignment with The Diving/The All.  These are the small, quiet communities who gather to support the well-being of Gaia, Mother Earth.

It may come as a shock to many Hybrids that the vast majority of spiritual minded individuals living on the Earth plane at this time are not Hybrids.  Many are simply seekers.  It is not a requirement for them to be Hybrids and, in fact, they (those with a grounded spiritual practice) will be a wonderful balm and calming effect for many humans.

These Humans, individuals without the benefit of any bits of Luman Soul DNA, are gutsy enough to believe and trust in the transition currently occurring. They may be well advanced in their evolution and without the insights provided by Luman Soul DNA, they do not have the knowing you have…they are trusting without knowing!  They are gutsy.

For this group, supporting and sharing your Hybrid insights and awareness’s (note…We did not say directing!), is what We recommend. By supporting this group, you, the Hybrid You, are expanding the positive energy of the transition. 

We anticipate this being the easiest group for you to interact with during this time of transition.

We recommend you find the small groups (they typically will not be advertising!), engage their energy and trusting attitude, and support as you, the aware and awake Hybrid are able.

We, the Mountains of the World, thank you.

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