Supporting Grounded Humans

Gaia is an amazing lady!  She carries a wide array of energies and is most delighted when human individuals, in turn, support her. Gaia is best supported when an energy exchange is created between herself and the beings who inhabit her, whether they be elementals, animals, human beings, Hybrids or Lumans.

Gaia can count on aware and awake Hybrids as well as the Lumans currently on earth to support her.  She can also count on the elementals and animals.  We, the Mountains of the World, support and honor her as well.

In addition, she is utterly delighted when humans, those who are not privy to the realities of this particular transition, are able to honor her by staying grounded, thus creating an energy exchange. 

She delights in supporting these humans and in the value they bring to the energies of the transition.

It is for this reason that We ask you, the aware and awake Hybrid, to encourage these grounded humans knowing the value they are bringing Gaia…Mother Earth.

Grounded humans can come in all shapes, sizes, continents and evolution levels.  You will only know them by the manner in which their energy connects to Gaia. 

  • Their groundedness looks different from yours.
  • The primary difference is in the magnitude of energy being shared. 
  • Yours is greater…theirs is less…and none-the-less very important.

When you encounter a Grounded Human, encourage their groundedness without discussing either the transition or the presence of Hybrids (You) or Lumans.  Concepts that confuse humans can also reduce groundedness.

Support without Sharing. 

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