Supporting Awake Humans

There exists on the earth plane at this moment are groups of humans who are awake without being either connected spiritually or being grounded to Gaia.  This group tends to be in the out-of-the way places on the Earth plane.  Some may consider them spiritual and grounded.  We, the Mountains of the World, know they are not. 

A note here,

  • a human can be spiritual without being awake…
  • a human can be grounded without being awake…
  • a human can be neither spiritual or grounded and yet be very awake…
  • this last scenario being one of the more challenging.

Imaging having a very good sense of what is occurring during this time of transition without connection either to the ethers, the spiritual world, or to Gaia, the earth-based world.  These groups (and they do usually travel in small groups) are very awake without a tether either to either energy system. 

These groups are intelligent and often very evolutionary advanced.  Many may be more advanced and more awake than you, the Hybrid.

When you believe you have engaged a group of these humans…

  • listen to their conversation about the transition occurring;
  • observe their energy systems to determine whether they have any connections;
  • sense their knowing and their frustration at not having a reference point for their knowing;
  • then, once you have determined they are an Awake Human…

Support their knowing and provide them with actions and attitudes in alignment with the transition.

  • Long explanations will fall on deaf ears;
  • Discussion of connectedness will land on useless tethers;
  • Explanations of spirituality and alignment will be as productive as seeds planted on rocks!

For these small groups, support their knowing; share that you have the knowing as well; and live into the reality that all will be well…the transition is in alignment with The All (they have no ‘Divine’ reference) and that you are delighted you have met them.

The best way to interact with this group is to support their knowing and reduce their fear.

Again, We, the Mountains of the World, thank you, the aware and awake Hybrids!

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