‘Others’ Intended to Experience ‘The Transition’

A bit about intentions.  When any soul iterates to any location, they do so with a range of intentions.  Some sets of intentions are more challenging than others; some are simply to clean up the debris the soul left in the last iteration; and some are ‘explorations. 

This group is a group of explorers.  They are on the earth plane at this time to simply experience the Transition of all Transitions! And they shall.

This is typically a group of what We, the Mountains of the World, would call young or inexperienced souls.  Much like the child who can’t wait to go to the circus finds out that the elephants really are BIG, this group is finding that the transition occurring at this time really is very impactful. 

As the observers at a circus, this group of humans has very little to add to the energy of the transition.  In fact, they may well be some of the greatest detractors in relation to the process.

We, the Mountains of the World, recommend you spend very little time with this group.  They are not really worth your engagement, they don’t really want to understand…they are simply here for the show!

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