Releasing those You Cannot Impact

Be aware that you cannot impact all Human beings. There are Humans on the Earth plane at this time who simply choose to ignore all of the indicators and indications of the transition. As an awake and aware Hybrid, this concept may seem simply unacceptable.  We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to accept!

Some souls, due to their soul experiencing intention, will refuse to align to the new frequency and differing thought patterns.  These individuals may well call themselves or be called by the name… ‘born again’ or are considered ‘traditionalist’ or ‘evangelical’. These souls in human bodies have an experiencing intended to keep them aligned to an unwavering philosophy. Leave them be…this is what these souls came to experience.

            Release these souls…you cannot impact them!

Other souls simply have chosen to listen only to their Earth knowing.  Any information that is not rational or linear or scientific will be quickly relegated to the garbage bin and you, the awake and aware Hybrid, will be labeled ‘looney’.  These individuals are simply creating a karma they will have to deal with in future iterations.

Release these souls…you cannot impact them!

A third group, the group We, the Mountains of the World, known as the reptilian forces upon the Earth plane.  This group does not desire to be assisted and We highly recommend you steer clear of their energy.  Their focus is to keep the Earth plane from successfully completing this frequency transition. 

Release these souls…you cannot impact them!

Release – Release – Release!

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