Staying Grounded and In Community

We, the Mountains of the World, have now shared with you the various types and groups of Human on the Earth plane at this time.  For each, We encourage a slightly to dramatically different approach.

What We encourage for you, the awake and aware Hybrid, is to stay grounded…find others like yourself, joining small communities of Hybrid beings.  The more Hybrids you can connect with who are in your Hybrid Quadrant, the more effective you will be during this time of transition.

Your light and leadership are very necessary as this time of transition unfolds.  Expand those aspects of you that are Hybrid.  Allow to fall away those aspects of you that are of a lower frequency. 

  • Impact those you can;
  • Release those you cannot;
  • Identify the difference;
  • Continue positively impacting this time of transition!

You, the awake and aware Hybrid, are the salvation of Gaia…take your role proudly!

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