Hybrids and Drama

At this moment in the frequency shift, drama is at an all-time high.  It is at an all-time high and about to reach even greater heights.  Humans all around you are responding to this drama, also known in our realms as the use of drama, with assurance the information they are receiving is correct.  It is not.  Information shared by all humans and more than a few Hybrids, even some who are awake and aware, dealing with negativity is filled with drama…over dramatized…and in some cases simply not true.

We, the Mountains of the World, continue to be intrigued by the desire for drama. 

  • What is the value proposition of drama? 
  • Why would aware and awake Hybrids decide to be drawn in by drama?
  • When will drama subside so the energy of thought and analysis can return to the Earth plane?
  • Is anyone aware how the drama energy is affecting those less stable?
  • Does anyone care??????

These are the questions We ask ourselves as We watch drama simply engulfing the energy fields of the Earth plane.

We recommend you, the aware and awake Hybrid, begin to draw yourself away from drama…begin to relax into what is actually a perfect scenario for all living beings…it is the great transition. 

We ask you to…

  • notice the drama;
  • notice how you are not energized by it (just the opposite for the most of you);
  • notice how you might reduce the drama without creating even more;
  • and be the Beacon of Balance at this time of transition.

These are the responsibilities of You, the aware and awake Hybrid!

We thank you.

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