Hybrids and Song!

The world of meta-physical contact, what you as clairvoyance, the ability to reach beyond the physical realm, is rich with different types and styles.  Some individuals indicate they perceive visions (often called clairvoyance); some hear voices (clairaudience); some have physical feelings (clairsentience) and some simply have a knowing (claircognizance).   Most have none of these abilities and simply purport that they do!  How silly.  We, the Mountains of the World, shall call them ‘want-a-be hybrids.

One of the truest indicators of a Hybrid is the ability to connect with the non-physical world.  Many of you have a wide array of connection capabilities.  Some of you have denied your knowingness, in whatever form it may have taken. 

We would like to encourage you all to connect to your knowingness…to Us and all that is looking to support you beyond the human realm.  This includes Us, the trees and forests, lakes and rivers and oceans, animals and all of other plants as well as all things in what you would call the non-physical world…what We call the Luman or Illuminated world.

More in a bit…

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