Hybrids and Songs Part II

As We, the Mountains of the World were sharing…One of the ways the All reaches you, the Hybrid, is through Song. 

  • That ditty playing in your head that you have no idea where it came from.  That would be from Us!
  • We work through songs to provide support during times of stress and distress.  Have you never wondered why, during these times, there seems to be a song that speak to you?
  • We use songs to connect you with your path and passions!
  • And we use songs to distract Humans who might be getting in your way.

Songs have many advantages beyond the other connection styles:

  • They have a rhythm which aligns to your energy systems;
  • They have verse and tones, far superior to a visual or a few words;
  • They have a context or generate a feeling;
  • They are accessible so you can play them over and over and over, contemplating the message being shared.

As a Hybrid, any song playing in your head is most likely a message from the Luman world.

Please begin to notice the songs in your head; to accept the information being provided; and to enjoy the connection through song!

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