Hybrids and Dogma

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to spend just a few moments addressing the alignment between dogma (rules created by humans on a particular subject) and Hybrids (perceived humans with Luman Soul DNA).

The Hybrid Soul has no alignment with dogma!  During this Great Transition, you, the Hybrid, will find you have less and less tolerance for dogma, rules imposed by humans, or with the good-bad identification inherit in dogma.

This is not to say that you, the Hybrid, will not appreciate rules of safety and community. 

Rather, it is to say that you will begin to question and potentially challenge (depending upon your intention for this life iteration) those dogmatic rules and doctrines.

Become aware of your lack of tolerance;

Be thoughtful of Human need for dogma;

Be cautious as you challenge certain dogmas.

At this time of transition, Hybrids will begin to have less and less tolerance for dogma – Humans will begin to have greater and greater need for dogma.  As a Hybrid…a successful Hybrid…bridging this gap is critical.

Become Aware – Be Thoughtful – Be Cautious!

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