A Re-Balancing Time

Gaia, the Earth plane, is now entering a time of significant shift!  What humans labeled the 2012 shift continues.  These types of transitions typically take the better part of twenty to thirty human years.  Humans might call these earth years, because it is what they perceive living on earth.

In fact, this is but a moment in time for the Earth plane and those of Us, the Mountains of the World. 

Luckily for humanity this is the case.  Attempting the degree of shift currently in process in a day, week, month, or even year would create such upheaval there would be nothing left.

The next shift component will greatly impact those of you who are Hybrids.  And, the greater your degree of Luman Soul DNA, the greater the impact of this shift. 

There is nothing inherently bad or even really challenging during this time of shift, although We do understand that the very fact of change, even change for the better, is a challenge for many humans…and, as a Hybrid, you have at least some Human Soul DNA and a great deal of human experience.

As a Hybrid, your job is to find your New Balance. 

  • It will be like no other balance position you have ever had before in this lifetime or previous ones;
  • It may feel very unstable and you may feel very vulnerable without being able to point to a situation or scenario as a cause;
  • It may be so uncomfortable it causes you to question your own essence, sense of worth and value.

You continue to be a high functioning Hybrid.

You simply need to get your ‘new earth legs’ much like a sailor, having been on shore for some time, must get his/her ‘sea legs’.

Know this is a time of New Balance – Find your own unique New Earth Legs.

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