Hybrid Wisdom

We, the Mountains of the World, are complete in our communication regarding the current Earth Hybrid. There is not much more to share; not much more of importance as it relates to your hybrid-ness; your hybrid self. 

  • Many of you continue in denial – Silly You!
  • Some of you have absorbed a small portion of the information, both written and energetic – Reread!
  • And a few of you are leaning into your Hybridness, your Hybrid selves, and exploring the possibilities, especially in the New Balance!

You each now have the information needed to assist Mother Gaia as she strives to engage the Great Transition in a manner which supports the lifeform she knows as Human. 

This is not guaranteed nor is it in question. The amount of humanity who will make it through the transition is the only question in play.

We encourage You to connect with Us and Mother Gaia during this time – through thought, song, meditation, connection, whatever manner you choose.

Engage the Great Transition;

Assist Mother Earth and Humanity;

Enjoy your Hybridness;

Know you are not Alone;

Connect to Us, the Mountains of the World!

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