The Path to You!

We, the Mountains of the World, are challenging you, the Hybrid or Human Soul who arrived on the Earth plane at this point in Gaia’s history, to become and live as the individual soul you came to be.

During these next communications, We will be addressing that which We recommend you recognize, rethink and release much of the dogma and limitations you are now laboring under!

During these communications, We will remind you of all that you are and all that is being provided to you to become who you are and to embrace the role you choose when in Soul Space!

During these communications, We will challenge you to accept your knowing, your unlimited being-ness, and your connections to All that is and…in your limited perspective and beliefs…is not!

During these communications, We encourage you to stay connected…to allow yourself to consider the perspectives We will share and to find those which best suit you and support you in being who you are!

Onward to the communications…the path to You!

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