Dear Ones!

Let Us begin with the oft used phrase “Dear Ones”. 

The ‘endearment’ energetically causes those being addressed to become less! 

The ‘endearment’ (if that is what it is), sets those who are sharing their ‘knowledge’ (if that is what it is) from an elevated position!

The ‘endearment’ is very parental in approach…much like the major religions of the world and their gods!

If being called a “Dear One” does not put you off, then We have to ask why not? 

  • We can only assume you are not ‘put off’ because you are not ready to be all that you can be and came to be! 
  • We can only assume you are not ‘put off’ because you like having someone else, through their earth-bound filters, tell you what is and what is not!
  • You are not ‘put off’ because it is easier to be ‘lesser’.  You think being lesser means you won’t be honored for all that you have done and have not done.  Rest assured, when you have the opportunity for a full life review, being lesser will not be addressed kindly…by yourself!

Begin by releasing the energy of servant;

Envision yourself standing beside the individual providing the information;

Feel the information coming to the both of you in equal measure and proportion;

Recognize the importance of your own channel for you;

From this practice, reframe all information you read or consider, taking that which is most valuable for you and leaving the rest.

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