Being a Part of The All

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to address the benefits and perceived downfalls of being a part of The All.

Being a part of The All/The Divine was always intended as a very beneficial aspect of being a soul in a human body.  As a part of The All…

  • You (or perhaps better said, Your Soul) has access to every thought ever conceived; every action ever taken; every emotion ever felt…
  • You (or perhaps better said, Your Soul) is an aspect of every other soul.  This is the concept of ‘oneness’ of which many speak, and few take the responsibility of being…
  • You, or perhaps better said, Your Soul) connects with every being who ever walked the Earth Plane or Soul Space. Also known as Heaven.

We speak of Your Soul as it is our perspective, few of you allow your consciousness to connect. Due to your habit of playing small, you are often led by those with of a younger, less advanced soul.  In fact, it is Our opinion that many of the so-called psychics are, in fact, of a younger less advanced soul.  Those with greater soul age tend to be more reticent to share what they perceive to be ‘real’.

It is for this reason that We, The Mountains of the World, ask you to consider carefully everything you read or hear…even Our communications. 

The downfall of being a part of The All is that you are responsible for you and your thinking, perceptions and awareness’s. 

Take care…You are a part of The All!

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