Your Team and Your Role on the Team

A part of the All!  How wonderful…and what does it mean.

We, the Mountains of the World hear your inner thinking; perceive the quandary you seem to be facing as you consider the upside and downside of being part of the All.

Being part of the All means you have a dynamic, magnificent Team.  It also means you are a member of that Team.  You are a card-carrying member of an ‘All Team’.  This statement is inclusive and exclusive simultaneously.

As a part of an ‘All Team’ you are part of a collective.

As the member of the ‘All Team’ on earth, yours is a very specific role which often seems to leave the vast majority of you forgetting you are a part of the All Team. 

  • You forget that you are a peer – a card-carrying member of the Team and play supplicant;
  • You forget that the Team is counting on you to accomplish your ‘soul agenda’, whatever that might be;
  • You forget that you have a Team, a very dynamic and functional Team, operating in a different space and sphere, and on whom you can rely.
  • You simply forget!!!!!

We are here to remind you of your amazing connections.  Honoring your connection to this dynamic Team and practicing being in relationship with your Team are very important. 

Start by simply honoring the fact that you are a dynamic part of a dynamic cosmic All team is the first step.  Start here.

Honor the concept; Connect to the Cosmos; Align to your Team!

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