Let’s Talk Energy

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to say a few things about energy…actually quite a few things about energy!

First and All – Energy Is!

Everything is Energy…everything;

Energy is neither good nor bad, dark or light.

Energy is simply Energy!

It is humanity’s dedication to duality which created the judgements around Energy.  Energy simply Is!

You can’t hold Energy…You can’t shift Energy…You simply ARE Energy!  Being who you came to be is the most powerful energetic act you will ever be called upon to do.  As the vast majority of you are not vibrating at the energy frequency you can to carry, achieving this goal may create a bit of a challenge.

You will know you are vibrating at the frequency you came to live when no other energy impacts you other than in a joyful manner. 

When you are spending energy holding a frequency that is not inherently ‘you’; then other energies begin to fragment you.  It is this fragmentation which has led what is called the Earth Spiritual community to define energy as something other than ‘IS”.

And, Energy shifts…from right to left and up to down…you know it as a frequency shift which We will address next.

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