Frequency Shifts

Frequency shifts occur continually.  You create a frequency shift when your energy shifts – from positive to negative; negative to positive; passive to active; and so forth.

We, the Mountains of the World, have referred to the current cosmic energy shifts on many occasions. Before We move further into discussions of Team, We thought it best to reframe the concept of frequency.

As We listen to the information being provided by what We will refer to as the Current Spiritual Thinking (note:  this does not include all Spiritual thinkers, rather it refers to the dominant theory), we have noticed that frequency seems to be referred to as being shifted…and it is!

What seems to not be referred to or, if referred to, not focused on if the fact that the current frequency shift is occurring due to effects of the cosmos (of course) AND to the current dynamics playing out on planet Earth.

All planets and solar systems are encountering a major frequency shift at this time.  The effects of this frequency shift on Earth are very different from those on other planets and systems.

You, especially those of you who are Hybrid, are having a dramatic effect on the ability of the frequency to shift to the level most desired by the Cosmos.  This is yet another demonstration of your role on the ‘All Team’. 

  • If you are not yet awake and aware;
  • If you are supporting the fears currently being manifest on the Earth plane;
  • If you are BEING (note:  We did not say Holding) a frequency lower than what you came to Be;
  • You are creating a portion of the chaos the Earth plane is currently experiencing!

We, and all other Elements of the Earth plane, are supporting the higher frequency. 

We ask you to do the same!

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