Your Team, Your Role and Your Frequency

We deemed it necessary to discuss your impact on the frequency shift due to the fact that the frequency you are; you live; you ‘be’…is one of the major roles you have on the All Team.

You are the Team member on the Earth plane.  One of the primary duties you have to the All Team is to be the frequency desired by The All.  It is as simple as that. 

You ask what your role on the Team is…this is a major part of your role.  It looked easy from Soul Space.  Living it seems to be creating quite a challenge. 

Living it was easy when all was nice and smooth…the frequency shift is now at a challenging juncture…many of you have succumbed to joining the non-hybrid ranks and reducing your impact on the frequency shift to the easier path of chaos.

We, the Mountains of the World, implore you to shift your own frequency; to live and be the frequency you came to be!

What is that frequency?

The frequency you came to be is one of

  • Joy!
  • Exploration!
  • Positive expectation!
  • …all with a focus beyond Self.

How do you Be this frequency?

  • By reframing the norm toward the positive;
  • By living via your inner knowing that all is well;
  • By being underwhelmed by the negativity around you;
  • By finding, and perhaps even pointing out, the light at the end of the tunnel;
  • By being what earth beings call a Polly Anna rather than a Negative Nellie!

We encourage you to practice Being Who You Agreed to Be on the All Team!

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