Negotiation with Your Team or Anyone Else

And now We hear you saying…But, But, But…I want to renegotiate…this is too hard!!!!!!!

  • You tell us you did not realize how difficult it would be as a Hybrid or Human change maker at this time on the Earth Plane!
  • This time on Earth looked so much easier from my Soul perspective;
  • If I do this, I will become a laughingstock or worse, a target;
  • This is not fair…my last iteration was easier…I have been duped!

Silly Human You! 

We, the Mountains of the World, join your All Team in telling you that your responses (and, yes, the vast majority of you are either thinking what We stated above or are living it without conscious thought) are totally from the Human aspects of yourself.

Your Soul Self is delighted to be able to affect the change.

Your Hybrid Self  is delighted to navigate the waters knowing there is a greater Team in support of the navigation and who is discovering and guiding (or in some cases) attempting to guide you, the Team member on the Earth plane, through the chaos of this time in a safe and enjoyable manner.

We ask you to connect with your Soul self to determine your higher intentions;

We ask you to connect to The All and your All Team and seek any and all support you feel you are missing (many of you do not have this connection developed…now is a superb time to do such);

We ask you to begin navigating your way through the currents and chaos of this time combining your Earth based knowing, your Cosmic knowing and your All Team.

  • You came to be a change maker;
  • You have a dynamic cosmic All Team supporting you;
  • You are safe when you connect to all of your knowing’s.

Now is not a time for negotiating…All is in the final stage of the Earth transition…Persevere.

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