Holding Space

Let’s talk about Holding Space!

We, the Mountains of the World, hear some of your spiritual community talking about ‘holding space’ and, if it were possible, we would shake our heads.

Holding space is as impossible as holding energy or air or anything that is utterly intangible.

You cannot hold space.  You cannot create space.  You cannot shift space.

Space simply is…and space is not impacted by a being’s thought or intentions!

You can BE space. 

You INHABIT space;

You can ALIGN to the frequency of a space;

You cannot Hold Space!

Why do We make such a big deal about this?  We are addressing this issue due to the fact that being aware of what is possible and what is not possible is most critical as we continue to transition.

Knowing all that you Cannot affect is as critical as knowing all that you Can affect. Focusing on that which you can affect Is so powerful. Spending energy on that which you cannot affect is a waste of amazing energy.

You Cannot Hold Space.

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