About Ceremony

Another aspect of the Human Spiritual community that We, the Mountains of the World, find utterly incredible is the need for ceremony and the pomp and circumstance that surrounds ceremony, whether it be a large gathering or the affirming bit of information…followed by three repetitions.

And you wonder why We define the current Spiritual Community as a community of dogma…much like all other religious organizations.  The Spritual Community, often with an absolute disgust for the Religious community, follows some of the same dogmatic approaches (as seen from Our perspective).

We find it amusing to see the ‘how to’ books on holding ceremony – whether it be a candle ceremony or a Wicca ceremony or any other.

From Our perspective, Ceremony is about intent;

Intentions are about energy;

Energy is about focus;

Focus can take a nano second in the Earth paradigm;

And that nano second can change the energy of the Earth and impact the trajectory of your Soul Self.

Every time you have a thought; say a thank you; commit to an action; disregard a knowing; and on it goes…you create Ceremony.  And these Ceremonies are as impactive to the energy of the world as a Ceremony you may do with all of the pomp and circumstance you can muster.

Follow your Thoughts;

Consider your Actions;

Say Thank You often;

Show appreciation for All;

Do this knowing you are creating Ceremony and impacting the Earth frequency and Your Soul!

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