Truth with a Capital ‘T’

If there is no right or wrong, there is no truth with a capital ‘T’ as several of your spiritual community members would have you believe. 

Truth (only a capital T due to the fact that the word is at the beginning of a sentenced) is a paradigm of responsibility…it becomes the foundation for your actions and attitudes.

We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you, whether Hybrid or Human, consider your own paradigms of responsibility…your personal truths. 

We recommend you notice the ‘truths’ you are projecting onto others;

We recommend you observe how your ‘truths’ are limiting your living, your experiencing, your soul evolution;

We recommend you consider the ‘truths’ believed by others and how the differences or sameness of the truths (as compared to your own) create comfort or discomfort with the other individual;

We recommend through these observations that you begin to recognize how differences and lack of understanding come about;

And, further, We highly recommend you relieve yourself of the ‘insistence’ upon your own truths to allow you to consider the ‘truths’ of others…if only for a moment.

Through this releasing you will expand your own ability to enjoy and experience your earth life and therefore enhance your own soul growth!

Your Truths have great impact!

Observe…consider…expand…and grow. 

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