Is there an ‘All’?

Is there an ‘All’? 

Are there beliefs that best support a being, any being, in any moment?

Do boundaries exist to assist humanity?

And do those boundaries vary by individual…Human, Hybrid or Luman?

Yes to All! 

Which further supports Our assertion that there is no truth with a capital ‘T’. 

For each of these positive statements creates a different relationship for each being…depending upon their soul intention and the aspect of their soul intention they are living at that moment.

We, the Mountains of the World, want You, the Hybrid and Luman Beings on the Earth Plane, to refer to your own truth and allow others the latitude to align to their truth.

This allowing expands your ability to access your own truth(s) and the responsibilities you feel based upon your truth(s).  Becoming aware of your truth(s) brings you greater awareness and access to your paradigms…thus allowing you greater access to expanded thinking and connections to the All.

This circular ‘logic’ as you might call it creates the platform for inclusiveness!

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