Inclusiveness and The All

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to further discuss…

  • truth(s);
  • responsibilities;
  • allowing;
  • connection;
  • and creation. 

Let Us connect these dots….

When you begin to truly consider your own truth(s) through the filter of the actions you take due to the responsibilities you feel;

When your awareness of your truth(s) via your thoughts and actions allows you to better understand the responsibilities you perceive are appropriate;

When you are aware of what drives you and experience difference in others, you begin to understand that their actions and non-actions, whether taken/stated/or implied, are due to their own perceptions of their truth(s);

When you allow your connection to this diversity of thoughts and actions to better understand the truth(s) held by other beings (whether Human, Hybrid or Luman);

When you, holding firmly to your own truth(s) begin to expand your awareness and allowing due to these connections;

Then you are more able to connect to the greater beingness which We, the Mountains of the World call the “All’;

And therefore, connect to an expansiveness of creating/creation you have thus far not connected!

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