Expanding Inclusiveness – The How

To truly connect to the All, the Divine, the magnificent energy of being-ness, it is very beneficial to expand your own ability to include!  To allow greater depths and breadths of thinking beyond that which you consider ‘right or wrong’.  The degree of duality currently being supported energetically on the Earth Plane (Gaia) at this time is most discouraging and very harmful to you, those in human form.

We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you spend a bit of time practicing inclusiveness.  This practice typically begins with awareness…of your own truths and the resulting beliefs which they generate.

It is Our perception that many of you, whether Hybrid or Human, have not spent much time looking deeply into your own truths…those energetic beliefs (some may not be in conscious form) that guide your actions.

This guidance, as We have stated earlier, is typically in the form of thoughts that pertain to responsibility…for self, others, animals, plants, Gaia, or all of these.

Better understanding that which guides your actions allows you to begin to contemplate what might be guiding the actions of others that you deem to be inappropriate/off-base/dumb/etc…..

By simply better understanding yourself, your motivations, your truths…without any perceptions of…

  • Right or wrong (as this is a belief based in duality);
  • Good or bad (as these thoughts tend to be very myopic and only from an Eagle view can one determine the outcome);
  • On target or not (as one must be consciously aware of their soul intentions/purpose to know whether an action is on target or not)…

You have expanded your ability to be inclusive and therefore your connection to the All.

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