Connecting with Illuminated Beings Continued…

You now have the concept of communicating with Illuminated Beings (Lumen).  Whether you have chosen to integrate the concept into your thinking and/or your own reality of communication with the spheres is your decision…We, the Mountains of the World, are only the message carriers.

That said, We would like to continue the discussion of communicating with both the physical and non-physical Illuminated Beings for both are connected to the Earth plane at this time.

The fact that your every thought is heard, captured and acted upon/reacted to on all level of the Earth and Spiritual Planes means:

  • You communicate your every thought and emotion with the Realm at a level of nuance which even you may not understand;
  • You are only deceiving those who desire to be deceived with your less-than-honest statements as your thoughts are more powerful than your statements in the Realm;
  • You are always communicating…this communication is not just held to special events or ceremony…rather it is an ongoing process with every breadth and movement.

You are always communicating with the Realm.

Due to this reality (fact/life scenario/cosmic communication) We highly encourage you, whether Human, Hybrid or awakening-Luman, to notice what you are thinking (communicating) in all moments and to ‘clean up your thinking’ so it aligns to what you truly desire ‘at all times’.

To clean up your thinking you have to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling…to become aware of your being-ness!

Begin this by becoming aware of who you are ‘being’ with those close to you…then gradually expand the circle until it is a practice you are living easily and effortlessly.

Note, the being you are most close to is yourself!  Yes, sometimes We do throw a curve ball!

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