Connecting with Illuminated Beings Continued…Again!

It is said, in the current spiritual dogma that words have power.  This is true.

What appears to be missing or was erroneously left out of this statement is;

  • Thoughts and actions have even greater power than words;
  • Further, intentions without actions also have power and unintended outcomes;
  • And conflicting emotions and words and thoughts create stagnation, also with unintended outcomes.

Communication occurs continually. 

Therefore, and We, the Mountains of the World, do not recommend this lightly…

  • aligning your thoughts (actions/words) to
  • what you desire (intend/plan) and
  • communicate with knowing and integrity.

Understanding the wholeness of this communication process results in significant shifts in your life and the lives of those on Gaia.  This is due to your awareness of and shift from negative, non-beneficial thinking (Human mind) to expanded and energizing communications (Luman mind).

Even a small, subtle shift from Human mind to Luman mind make a significant shift in the energy of Gaia.  All benefit from your bit of focus…isn’t that worth a bit of time and attention?

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