The Energy of Gratitude

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to discuss the concept/energy of gratitude.

We see that many of you are engaged in a thankfulness type event.  Being thankful is valuable especially when that thankfulness/gratitude is expressed from an elevated energy. 

What do We mean by this…you ask? 

What We mean is that gratitude from the energetic position of subservience is not the type of gratitude We are referencing.  And yes, it seems to be the format that the vast majority of humanity remembers…the gratitude of a servant.

Again, We emphasize the reality that energetically you were designed to be a ‘peer of the realm’.  Showing gratitude to the Universe/The Divine/The All from this perspective is most gratifying to receive.

Energetically showing gratitude from a subservient position is not gratifying to receive. This gratitude energy indicated We all have failed you in assisting you in being all you can be!

We recommend, as you enjoy the celebrations of Thankfulness and Gratitude, that you do so from the energy of who you were designed (by the Divine/the All) to be…a peer of the realm. 

Such thankfulness/gratitude is received/responded to/enjoyed so much more!

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