As communication seems to be the topic of the moment, We, the Mountains of the World, would like to spend a few moments discussing prophesy…or the gift of prophesy.

Prophesy is nothing more than a very open and clear connection with the Spirit Realm. 

The realm of Spirit has a much larger (wider/higher/further reaching) view of time and space (if it even exists in the realm). (Oh my, this is getting complex!)

From the perspective of Spirit, the past and future are simply moments along the timelines of possibility.

The timelines of possibility are the avenues accessed by all Earth beings, whether Human, Hybrid or Luman.

Therefore, Prophesy is nothing more (or less) than identifying the timeline (note the singular here) that the being asking for information (known in most spiritual circles as the querent) most likely to be accessed by the being. 

This is nearly always different from the timeline selection most desired by the being and that is where most of the ‘gifts of prophesy’ fall short of the mark.  True prophets identify the most likely timeline to be accessed…most psychics (in Our noticing) identify the timeline most desired…and not necessarily if ever accessed!

Thus, a true prophet is not often listened to…and a wayward psychic often is!

Such is the fickleness of Humans!

Nuff said!

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