Poltergeist (Just for the Fun of It)

We, the Mountains of the World, will be diverted by what We consider one more silly Human question…what about Poltergeists?

Poltergeists do exist.

Poltergeists are simply beings in spirit who have not evolved much beyond a second-grade evolution level and have somehow escaped from ‘soul school’.

Poltergeists are akin to bullies (in Earth speak) …little ability, mostly hot air, and generally truly scared of their own shadow.

But, when the Earth being they are ‘spooking’ believes they exist and gives them power then they respond as all bullies do…they bully! Giving poltergeists fear energy ramps up their bullying tactics and it may take an evolved Human to send them packing!

If you are bothered by a Poltergeist bully, simply shine an energetic light on who they are as spirit and they will scurry back to school in a nano second!

Now, no more diversions…We have thought expanding topics to address…enough of Poltergeists!

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