The Reality of Soul

We, the Mountains of the World, hear your conversations about Soul…

  • Do you have a Soul?
  • If so, what is its purpose in your life?
  • If your Soul has a purpose, does it evolve?
  • Does it have an agenda?
  • Can you lose it and, if so, can you retrieve it?
  • Where is the record of your soul kept?
  • And finally, why can’t you connect to your Soul?

In Our next few communications, We would like to address all of these questions and perhaps a few in addition to these.

For now, let Us address the first and last of these questions…Do I have a Soul?  And, if I do, why can’t I connect with my Soul?

Simply put…you are Soul.  You are not your physical body…you are not your earth memories…you are not your friends or your thoughts or your attitudes.  These have all been developed during the earth iteration you, as a Soul, are experiencing at this time.

Have you never wondered why two people can have the same experience (as documented in an earth plane manner) and yet have totally different perceived personal experiences?  This is because the individual (the Soul…not the body) is in a different state of evolution, purpose, intention, agenda, etc.

You are your Soul!  You are not separate from your Soul!  You can’t connect with that which you are therefore, when you are looking to connect to your Soul you are simply looking to connect to you beyond your earth manifestation.

We will expand upon this in future communications.

Begin to understand the simple fact that you are Soul.  You are always connected to You.

The better question to begin to ask is…How can I connect to the ballast (body) I am connected to on the earth plane during this iteration?

Think about it…a unique perspective!

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