Soul Alignment

Oh yes, on to the discussion of you (or, as you state…your soul!) We, the Mountains of the World, would like to start with a few questions We have wanted to ask many times…

How does it work that you think of yourself differently from you? 

How does it work that you see you (in your words ‘your soul’) as separate from you?

When did you lose You and begin to identify with a physical form/vessel (your body) more than you?

And why, oh why, do you insist on believing your physical vessel is more you than the essence that is you?

Even with Our relationship to time, We are not patient enough for you to wake up to and answer these questions.

The simple answer is that you have forgotten or want to forget…

  • Your superb intelligence;
  • Your connection to and inclusion in The All;
  • Your ability to manifest without suffering;
  • Your access to perceptions beyond the end of your visual seeing;
  • Your innate kindness, compassion, encouragement, and knowing.

Imagine how your life would change when you begin to align with You rather than your physical body and physical circumstances.  Just imagine.  Then take that first step to believing in all that you are.

Please note, this step is not one of action…of manifesting/aligning/believing/or even trust…this first step is simply one of listening to that deep small voice deep within the being that is You.

Find silence and simply listen.  You will soon be amazed at all that you are!

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