Soul Evolution

So, after all of the drama around whether you are a Soul or not, you now accept the fact that you are a Soul.  We, the Mountains of the World, would like to congratulate you on finding your essence, the spark of life from The Divine/The All that is You.  Well done.

Next, do You evolve? 

Answer – why else would you come to a slow, low frequency planet in the cosmos if not to accomplish Self growth and evolution of experience?  The parallel to this is…why do you go to the gym?  The same concept holds true.  The sweating and struggle are very different…and the concept remains.

You came to the Earth plane during this ‘experience iteration’ (known on earth as a life iteration) to evolve.  Pure and simple.  You (the Soul You) have spent ‘time’ (if such exists) on other planets and energy systems within the Cosmos for the same purpose.

The Earth plane is one of the most challenging experience iteration locations due to its frequency level and the impact of this frequency level on many of the Souls.  In some cases, Souls actually regress when on the Earth plane rather than evolve or progress. 

It is for this reason that the frequency of Earth must be raised.  Regression simply is not OK.

Evolve on!

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